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Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
9:19 pm
Well, I spose there is cause for celebration, for I am sitting IN MY OWN ROOM and playing on the internet for the first time in years. Did I get a new computer? No way (*sob*), this is still on old crappy falling apart hard-to-type-on-keyboard no-processing-power obsolete-graphics-card rusting sucky baby. Naku naku. What can you do when you have no work, ne? Anyways, me got a wireless USB en fin, so I am at least connected again. Still, as this is a 20gb harddrive, I suspect my dl will slow down to, oh yes, nothing. Especially as my ext. is full... Ahem. Oh well, tons of stuff on my wishlist. Oh well. Oh well. Oh well.

Another cause for celebration: Nega to Poji ROCKS, and the more I listen the more I LOVE it, and the dvd was totally worth getting. *sigh* If I had more money, I'd have more dvds. If I had more money, I'd probably do even less homework (how can you do less than NOTHING, se?).

Another cause for celebration: I have exposed my saddest sadnesses to my new classmates, and they have not rejected me (or even laughed). I suspect this is because they actually have no concept of how sad these sadnesses are. I shall neglect to inform them :P. Seriously, they look like a really good bunch. There's even been non-pc jokes in poor taste and a few good political arguments, and it's not even been a fortnight yet. Yay! However, they do laugh at my ridiculous hand gestures. I forgive them. I do too.

Another cause for celebration: I have been eating constantly since saturday arvo, and I don't feel sick yet.

Another cause for celebration: I am ALMOST out of debt to the parentals. Soon all my lack of income can be wasted without conscience on, well, jcrap, and maybe computer stuffs. If I could just find a weekend job. *plots*

Another cause for celebration: a previously non-nerd friend of mine has started blogging. YAY! I love sad people who can't tease me too hard. Ah.

Another cause for celebration: I am going to stop typing that right now and go and read some crap! I love online crap. Am I going to do homework? NO!!! NONONONONONO!!!! HAhahahahahaha, I have all tomorrow arvo to cry about it, because I am stuck in uni. So I say, NONONonononono to being good today.


Current Mood: aggravated
Monday, July 3rd, 2006
6:43 pm
Meep meep meep.

Well, this weekend was both more fun and less fun than I had expected... It was tres cool going to Animania with Alfred and his mates, it was exactly the what I needed after a whole morning at work dealing with snotty families. No, I don't mean snooty. Snotty. Everyone is sick at the mo. :/ Unsurprisingly, I think I'm getting sick too. Blegh. The less than fun part - mucking out the horse paddock in the rain yesterday. Rrawrr. The poo was waterlogged (=soo heavy), and as I was wrestling a wheelie-bin of the stuff through the mud, I slipped, and fell face first into the oozy sludge, and the bin landed on top of me! OUCHIE! Luckily it didn't open wide enough for the poo to come out - or I would've been mud all down one side and horse crap all down the other. I have no idea how people came up with the concept that riding is glamorous. I can only imagine they've never ridden a horse. Anyway, while I am highly unfit, lucky for me I can still lift weight - coz I managed to lift the bin off myself, and after expelling some expletives I was on my way.

So tired. Daaaaaaarui! :P I wish I could take a week to just sleep... *sigh* Well, and read. Jud recommended a David Coupland novel to me. But I'm just not getting into it. I am loving Iain Banks still - thekit should read "State of the Art", it's short stories which remind me of his, in style anyhoo. Yah. ^^ But I think I should take a break from Banks before I kill him dead...

Wah, I want more time for Arrrrrrr, I need new music :(. I am thrashing my favourites to within an inch of their lives... Yesh. Resistance is useless! XD

OK, will go whine to my bulldog now. In winter when it's cold like this, he actually doesn't mind being squeezed - so I must make use of the opportunity.


Current Mood: blah
Thursday, June 8th, 2006
10:12 pm
A lady hit a kangaroo outside our estate today. So I thought "yay, I skived off earlyishish from uni, and I will spend a delicious evening doing fun things for a change". Only instead my dad and I stood with her while we waited and waited and waited for the Wildlife Rescue ppl to call us back. And we tried to stop the stupid roo from crossing the road, and didn't manage, which was awful, because both of his hindlegs were broken and he was scrabbling frantically along the tarmac, and with every flop he was painting more blood on the floor. :( and he almost got run over a second time because despite our frantic waving none of the traffic even slowed down. And when the wildlife dude rocked up, he took one look and decided the only route was to put him down. But at least it was by trank overdose, and not a bullet to the brain. Poor roo. I won't describe it more, cos it was too sad. Still, it's better than him slowly freezing to death. So that was the bulk of my evening!

And my car was so messed up (it's a little overdue for a service. Ok, more than a little :P) they kept it overnight. :( And my mom read me the riot act again. Just with a minor variation. Instead of "from now on your room has to be kept neater" read "your car" and "cleaner" and yah. Apparently my keys will be taken away. I couldn't help thinking that if I can't drive to the stableyard, I can't clean my horse's paddock. What a shame, how sad that would be. I would really miss shovelling that crap. It would leave a hole in my life. I don't think my mom has thought this threat out thoroughly enough. ;)

Anyway, I am so cold. I can't feel my fingers which makes typing hard.

Current Mood: sad
Sunday, April 16th, 2006
10:48 pm
Well... Easter's been interesting. Drove to Ballarat for the day with the rents, ate tooo too much food... Yah. And now it feels like I've peeled my eyeballs and stuffed my head full of soggy cottonwool. Dayamn. *sigh*

I think I should stop sleeping so much. I think I should do some exercise once in a while. But it's too much like hard work. So here's to the internet, novels and loud music! Sante!

Had a trip down memory lane - found a box full of oooold cds, some of which will be promptly reburied (yes... the macarena). Dude. I mean old. Like Roxette. That old.

I hate decisions.

Wah, reading another disturbing novel. I think this year has been a bumper year for disturbing stuff... Too much Murakami, both of them. :D Found some old favourites in those boxes, though. Le petit prince, Watership down, Ender and friends... Will have to mitigate the effects of disturbing novels by rereading les vieux favourits... C'est comme ca. I already reread Haroun and the Sea of Stories... :)Yes, I am a kid. I will be the most kid friendly geriatric in history. I guarantee it.

Well, off to bed, oyasumi-nasai!

Current Mood: drained
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