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Well... Easter's been interesting. Drove to Ballarat for the day with the rents, ate tooo too much food... Yah. And now it feels like I've peeled my eyeballs and stuffed my head full of soggy cottonwool. Dayamn. *sigh*

I think I should stop sleeping so much. I think I should do some exercise once in a while. But it's too much like hard work. So here's to the internet, novels and loud music! Sante!

Had a trip down memory lane - found a box full of oooold cds, some of which will be promptly reburied (yes... the macarena). Dude. I mean old. Like Roxette. That old.

I hate decisions.

Wah, reading another disturbing novel. I think this year has been a bumper year for disturbing stuff... Too much Murakami, both of them. :D Found some old favourites in those boxes, though. Le petit prince, Watership down, Ender and friends... Will have to mitigate the effects of disturbing novels by rereading les vieux favourits... C'est comme ca. I already reread Haroun and the Sea of Stories... :)Yes, I am a kid. I will be the most kid friendly geriatric in history. I guarantee it.

Well, off to bed, oyasumi-nasai!
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