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Well, I spose there is cause for celebration, for I am sitting IN MY OWN ROOM and playing on the internet for the first time in years. Did I get a new computer? No way (*sob*), this is still on old crappy falling apart hard-to-type-on-keyboard no-processing-power obsolete-graphics-card rusting sucky baby. Naku naku. What can you do when you have no work, ne? Anyways, me got a wireless USB en fin, so I am at least connected again. Still, as this is a 20gb harddrive, I suspect my dl will slow down to, oh yes, nothing. Especially as my ext. is full... Ahem. Oh well, tons of stuff on my wishlist. Oh well. Oh well. Oh well.

Another cause for celebration: Nega to Poji ROCKS, and the more I listen the more I LOVE it, and the dvd was totally worth getting. *sigh* If I had more money, I'd have more dvds. If I had more money, I'd probably do even less homework (how can you do less than NOTHING, se?).

Another cause for celebration: I have exposed my saddest sadnesses to my new classmates, and they have not rejected me (or even laughed). I suspect this is because they actually have no concept of how sad these sadnesses are. I shall neglect to inform them :P. Seriously, they look like a really good bunch. There's even been non-pc jokes in poor taste and a few good political arguments, and it's not even been a fortnight yet. Yay! However, they do laugh at my ridiculous hand gestures. I forgive them. I do too.

Another cause for celebration: I have been eating constantly since saturday arvo, and I don't feel sick yet.

Another cause for celebration: I am ALMOST out of debt to the parentals. Soon all my lack of income can be wasted without conscience on, well, jcrap, and maybe computer stuffs. If I could just find a weekend job. *plots*

Another cause for celebration: a previously non-nerd friend of mine has started blogging. YAY! I love sad people who can't tease me too hard. Ah.

Another cause for celebration: I am going to stop typing that right now and go and read some crap! I love online crap. Am I going to do homework? NO!!! NONONONONONO!!!! HAhahahahahaha, I have all tomorrow arvo to cry about it, because I am stuck in uni. So I say, NONONonononono to being good today.

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