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Meep meep meep.

Well, this weekend was both more fun and less fun than I had expected... It was tres cool going to Animania with Alfred and his mates, it was exactly the what I needed after a whole morning at work dealing with snotty families. No, I don't mean snooty. Snotty. Everyone is sick at the mo. :/ Unsurprisingly, I think I'm getting sick too. Blegh. The less than fun part - mucking out the horse paddock in the rain yesterday. Rrawrr. The poo was waterlogged (=soo heavy), and as I was wrestling a wheelie-bin of the stuff through the mud, I slipped, and fell face first into the oozy sludge, and the bin landed on top of me! OUCHIE! Luckily it didn't open wide enough for the poo to come out - or I would've been mud all down one side and horse crap all down the other. I have no idea how people came up with the concept that riding is glamorous. I can only imagine they've never ridden a horse. Anyway, while I am highly unfit, lucky for me I can still lift weight - coz I managed to lift the bin off myself, and after expelling some expletives I was on my way.

So tired. Daaaaaaarui! :P I wish I could take a week to just sleep... *sigh* Well, and read. Jud recommended a David Coupland novel to me. But I'm just not getting into it. I am loving Iain Banks still - thekit should read "State of the Art", it's short stories which remind me of his, in style anyhoo. Yah. ^^ But I think I should take a break from Banks before I kill him dead...

Wah, I want more time for Arrrrrrr, I need new music :(. I am thrashing my favourites to within an inch of their lives... Yesh. Resistance is useless! XD

OK, will go whine to my bulldog now. In winter when it's cold like this, he actually doesn't mind being squeezed - so I must make use of the opportunity.

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